• With the new regatta Menorca Maxi, Menorca enters the circuit of Wally yachts and of J Class yachts, among the most exclusive yachts in the world. Alberto Palatchi, owner of Pronovias and member of the Proyecto Embajadores (Ambassador’s Project), was the active promoter of this event.

    9 Wally and 3 J-Class yachts have already confirmed for the Menorca Maxi, accompanied by over 400 people, including Owners, crew and guests. A direct benefit of this event is the publicity and media coverage that Menorca will receive worldwide.

    In May, Menorca will host the first edition of the Menorca Maxi, the new exclusive competition for super yachts that is open to Wallys and J-Class. The Regatta, that will be held from 21 to 25 May in Mahón Harbour, is one of the rare occasions to see these vessels competing. In fact, only four regattas are organised each year in the Wally circuit and in the J Class circuit: Menorca Maxi is a premier sporting event, both socially and for the media.

    There are only 45 Wally sailing yachts and seven J-Class yachts in the world, which gives an idea of the exclusivity of these yachts, all having been custom designed and built. Their presence attracts nautical and sporting enthusiasts as well as tourists,: Menorca offers perfect racing conditions along with with breathtaking views of its unique natural environment, making it attractive also for the international media.

    The Menorca Maxi is the result of collaboration between many parties.The idea came from Alberto Palatchi, the well-known owner of Pronovias and of a property in Menorca, who is convinced of the island’s yachting opportunities. Palatchi, who is also a member of the Proyecto Embajadores (Ambassador’s Project – one of the Ministry of Tourism’s projects to promote the island through new and innovative initiatives), proposed to create an exclusive racing event in Menorca. His role was essential to convince Wally to include Menorca in its circuit for 2014. Wally then invited the magnificent J_Class Association to participate as well.

    The Tourism Minister saw immediately the opportunity to exploit this event to showcase internationally the advantages of Menorca as a super yachting destination. The Club Marítimo de Mahón will be in charge of the technical organisation of the Regatta: its experience in this type of high profile event such as Vela Clásica Menorca (Classic Sailing Boat) Regattas, the Copa del Rey de Barcos de Vela-Panerai (Panerai Trophy) and the Menorca-San Juan Regatta, is a guarantee of the success of Menorca Maxi.

    Considering this great opportunity to set up an international window in the super yacht community for the island, the Consell Insular de Menorca decided to support this Regatta with a campaign to gain maximum exposure. The island unique characteristics contribute to the perfect yachting conditions of Menorca: the Biosphere Reserve, over 70 beaches, the wind, the perfect size of the island , the location in the Western Mediterranean, and the perfectly sheltered port of Mahón. With Menorca Maxi in May, the island completes its exceptional racing programme, that includes also the Menorca-San Juan (June) and Copa del Rey Classic Boats (August).

    The Boats

    It is the first time that Menorca hosts a regatta with such exceptional yachts like the Wallys and J –Class’, both featuring unique performance and design. Wallys are known as the ‘Formula One of the Sea’: with a minimum length of 24 meters, they combine technology with design resulting into the state of the art of contemporary yachting. The Wally brand is a reference point both in the design and in the yachting worlds. The J-Class, for their part, are classic racing yachts between 38 and 42 metres in length that preserve the layout and spirit of the J Class from the 1930’s. These boats are now enjoying a new golden age with new vessels being constructed and original models being restored.

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