• Paolo Massarini, explains us why Wally Class decided to come and race to Menorca.

    We started talking with Alberto Palatchi last year and after the owners came here to hold a nice regatta among friends, they were convinced Menorca would be a very good venue to hold a regatta. They received a warm welcome from the people of the island and the authorities and I strongly supported this decision. I took part in the IMS World Championship that took place here in 2005 and I liked it a lot. It has been an excellent decision to come here.

    I am very happy with the first two days of racing. After an uncertain first day due to the weather, both the organization and the race committee did an excellent job. As a result, we didn't have any problem at holding a very beautiful race on Thursday and two stunning ones yesterday. I think that Friday was probably one of the most unforgettable days in the Wally season.

    The Wally Class, the owners and all the professional sailors are very happy with this regatta, not only on the organizational aspect but, equally importantly, on the social one. Menorca is a fabulous venue, both on the water and ashore.

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