• Yesterday evening Ranger arrived, a superb high-tech 42 meter yacht whose design is based on the previous Ranger 77C model with which Vanderbilt won the America's Cup in 1937.

    Original owner-skipper Harold Vanderbilt (1884-1970), was born to extreme wealth and used it wisely, investing in J Class yachts for the defence of the America’s Cup. A Harvard Law graduate, he successfully defended the America’s Cup three times with Enterprise (1930), Rainbow (1934), and the mighty Ranger (1937). A good sailor and tactician, Vanderbilt, helmed for all three defences, with tactician Sherman Hoyt.

    One of his greatest successes was against Endeavour in 1934, where he came back from a 2:0 start to win the next three races, defeating one of the strongest challenges to the Cup up to that point. She successfully defended the 1937 America's Cup, defeating the British challenger Endeavour II 4-0 in Newport, Rhode Island. It was the last time J-class yachts would race for the America's Cup. Since her defence of the America’s Cup against Endeavour ll, Ranger has been referred to as the ‘Super J’.

    By the end of 1941, Enterprise and Ranger, which had been laid up with all the other US Js, were scrapped.

    Following many months of design and development of the plans, construction started at Danish Yacht Boatyard in early 2002. Ranger was completed in late December 2003 and departed Denmark in early January 2004. After a successful transatlantic crossing Ranger cruised the Caribbean before commencing her racing program in April of 2004.

    Technical Specifications:
    Length overall: 41.15 m
    Length on waterline: 26.51 m
    Beam: 6.40m
    Draught: 4.80m
    Sail Area: 701 sqm
    Displacement: 166 tons

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